E.I.C.C.B-International School Of Capoeira Cadencia Brasileira intention is based on family values, strong bonds, strong will which is the foundation of Capoeira. The  school was created in Alagoas Brazil every symbol within our school represents a bigger divine meaning of evolution for everyone in the world.  We have our first ever unit open in the USA in Orlando FL. We are a school where learning and teaching the fundamentals of Capoeira, we expand, evolve, bond with other cultures and adding the practice of Capoeira creating an International bond. 

The Team


      CHUMBO C.C.B


Khaled been a practitioner in Capoeira for 5 years. 

He used to be in CDO Grupo. His introduction to Capoeira was very dear to his heart. He always dreamed of being a part of the Capoeira Culture, he knows he still has so much to learn. He was introduced to this Art form some friends while he was working out at the gym. His friend introduced him to a teacher that was looking for Capoeira students.

His journey in the Art of Capoeira began.

Now being a part of his new Group (Cadencia Capoeira) he met Instructor Vulcao online and knew that was someone he wanted to learn under. They became good online friends for 3 years, training and sharing Capoeira knowledge. He is super excited about being a part of an international group and looking forward to the many accomplishments he will have along this journey with Capoeira Cadencia Brasileira.




Professor Lampião. I was born August 26, 1985, in Maceió-AL-Brazil.  

 I started practicing Capoeira at the age of 15 in a group in the city of Maceió where I stayed until December 31st 2018. With 18 years in the practice of this art I developed several inclusion projects in the community where I live. On January 1st 2019 and a few members of the old group we were apart of decided to leave the that team and  became one of the founders of this team today, naming it International School of Capoeira Cadência Brasileira. The Project I was developing in the old team I continued with the new team. Although the group is new, members have been working for several years to develop and expand the practice of Capoeira around the world. 




I am the Co-Founder of Capoeira Cadência Brasileira with an amazing team of Professors and a Mestre. I am now 32 years old its been a long 19 year practice and in 4 years I became a Professor of Capoeira. Born and raised in Maceio-AL-Brazil on March 28th 1987.

I started Capoeira in the year 1999, in Sao Miguel AL, only stayed there for one month because the group was violent and my mother didn't want me to practice anymore. I moved in with my grandmother in Maceio AL and found a group through my cousin in Barirrodo Feitosa Maceio-AL, checked out their roda and began my practice with them in October 6th 1999. My son grew up in Capoeira is now 10 years old and is a practicing.  It was a sport that I loved and still love til this day.


The Team


1st Degree Instructor MOLEJO C.C.B


Khaled been a practitioner in Capoeira Stefan Molejo has been training in Capoeira since March 1999, 22 years. He decided to start his training to cultivate himself as a youth. He has traveled throughout the United States training with various Brazilian Capoeira masters. He is happy to continue his training in the art as well as teaching those who are interested in classes.




   Memphis Tennessee, United States

  • 18 years since day one of  Capoeira Training began. 

  • 2nd Degree Brazilian Jiujitsu Black belt under Thiago "Batata" Domingues/Dela Riva

  • Professional MMA Fighter 2010-2016

  • Owner of Ironlife Athletics LLC

  • Master trainer/Private and Group trainer for 13 years

  • Amateur Strongman competitor and show promoter.

  • Highland games competitor 6 years.

  • Father of 2 

  • Favorite color Grey 

       Star wars Super Fan and all things metal.