Capoeira 338 by Alexandre Guillaume

   Professor Vulcão Minco is an experienced and certified Capoeira Professor from E.I.C.C.B-International School of Capoeira Cadência Brasileira. Professor Vulcão is driven by his love for the art, its rich history, and amazing culture as well as the music of Capoeira. He takes pride in providing the best physical Capoeira training possible. As a Professor of Capoeira his objective includes sharing the art of Capoeira with people from all over, as well as assisting those that seek to enhance the quality of their lives through the training of Capoeira. Capoeira saved Professor Vulcão's life and gave Vulcão a better path to walk in life. Professor Vulcão life experiences were limited before he and Capoeira found each other. In addition to being a Capoeira Professor his profession is a Mechanical Engineer. He also designs custom made shoes/heels made in Italy for women men and has a sporty Clothing line for men/women called Ame-Rican. He is also a researcher of his Indigenous roots, the history of Turtle Island USA. 


   Professor Vulcão has been recognized by many Mestres in the Art of Capoeira and by his former Mestre, Mestre Tico Tico of the Global Unification Of Capoeira Federation. Professor Vulcão was given his certification by Mestre Tico Tico during the final graduation Batizado of 2015 in his old group Cais Da Bahia. Vulcão joined with his friends Contramestre Lampião, Professora Índia, and Mestre Ovo to take up a new journey in Capoeira Cadência Brasileira. Professor Vulcão extraordinary commitment to Capoeira gained him students in Chicago, Texas, Cameroon and Algeria. I invite you to unite in Capoeira with us! See you at the top! Forward.


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